How to Immediately Improve Your Life (Hint: It Starts With Improving the Lives of Others)

Empathy, compassion, and giving — which is simply empathy and compassion in action — are the building blocks of our being. With them we flourish; without them we perish.


Last week a few HuffPost editors and I were treated to a visit by Bill Drayton and Mary Gordon. Bill Drayton is the founder of Ashoka and a longtime champion of social entrepreneurship, a term that he coined and that has now spread across the world. Mary Gordon is a former kindergarten teacher who founded Roots of Empathy, an organization dedicated to teaching emotional literacy and promoting empathy in children. She was also one of the first Ashoka fellows.


Our visit started with talk of the newborn recently welcomed by one of our editors, Gregory Beyer, whereupon Mary presented him with a onesie with “Empathy Teacher” emblazoned on the front. But as Mary — a great empathy teacher herself — told us, it’s a two-way street, and empathy is best nurtured by example. “Love grows brains,” she told us. “We need to show children a picture of love as we raise them.”


Arianna Huffington