How to Be Empathetic: Find out what you can do to improve your relationships

“You never have the patience just to sit and listen.”  “All you ever want to do is try to fix things.”  “You just don’t understand how much it hurt when you said that.” “You just don’t get it.”

Judgments like these and countless others verbalized or thought in the context of interpersonal relationships often point to one popular problem: the lack of empathy for the other. This blog will clarify the nature of empathy, and why it is so important, and gives you nine practical guidelines for addressing this block to successful interpersonal relationships.

How to Be Empathetic:  Nine Guidelines

1.  Focus your attention on the welfare, interests, and needs of others

2.  Key into shared human values

3.  Suspend, temporarily, your own considered judgments and critiques

4.  Connect with the target

5. Use Reflection

6.  Listen to the Target

7.  Use self-disclosure as appropriate

8.  Properly distance yourself to and from the target’s subjective world

9.  Practice it!….