How Neuroscientist Michael Grybko Defines Empathy | Audio

Research scientist Michael Grybko — of the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington — returned to the show to help me define empathy from a scientific standpoint.

In this file Michael Grybko and I discuss:

  • How Science is Changing Our Definition of Empathy
  • Why Pathos is a Good Jumping Off Place for Writers
  • What Actors and Doctors Have in Common with Writers
  • Are Mirror Systems the Key to Human Empathy?
  • How to Resist the Dark Side of Empathy
  • The Difference Between Good Storytelling and Great Storytelling
  • Why Writers Need to Crawl Inside the Heads of Their Audience
  • How Marketers Tap into Well-Worn Paths in Our Brains
  • The Key to Empathizing with Your Readers
  • Why Great Marketing Starts with the Desire to Help People