How monkeys handle moral outrage: Frans de Waal – “The Age of Empathy.”…

When Occupy Wall Street and similar protests played out over the past year, the phenomenon looked familiar to Emory University primatologist Frans de Waal: He’s seen similar moral outrage over economic inequity expressed by monkeys and chimps.


All this meshes with the message of de Waal’s latest book, “The Age of Empathy.”…


Here are a few more nuggets from de Waal’s lecture and news briefing in Vancouver:


 Empathy — the ability to share an emotional connection with other individuals — isn’t unique to humans. But humans, like many other species, make a distinction between in-group and out-group connections. Having a sense of empathy for people beyond our “in-group,” however that’s defined, may be a “fragile experiment” being conducted by our species, de Waal said.


By Alan Boyle


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