How kindness-compassion-empathy meditation helps your heart health

When you do a love and kindness meditation, also known as an LKM, it effects the tone and rhythm of your vagus nerve and your heart beat rate. How come hugs are being compared to drugs? Can meditating on compassion and empathy frequently help with heart health? The higher the vagal tone, the better the vagus nerve performs as a regulatory pathway, scientists have explained in a new study of compassion meditation and its effects on the human body.


Basic empathy is a biological given. “If you talk with a sad person, you are going to adopt a sad posture, and if you talk to a happy person, by the end you will probably be laughing,” says Emory primatologist Frans de Waal, according to an October 21, 2010 news release, “Are hugs the new drugs?”


Anne HartSenior Health Examiner