Hospitality Net – How To Improve the Hospitality Experience Through Empathy

How can you use empathy to better connect with guests?

First, take a moment to talk to your guests, gather feedback, and connect with them so you can gain better understanding of their needs, preferences, and concerns. Once you’ve collected their feedback, you can move forward to brainstorm with your team (and other managers) to decide what other things you can do to improve the guest experience.

While brainstorming, use an empathy map to focus on these four main categories: thinking, seeing, doing, and feeling.


How do your guests perceive the world around them? What are their hopes, dreams, concerns, fears? By knowing them and how they think, you can be more proactive in meeting their needs and providing superior service.


What is missing in the hotel room that they will need or want? When you have a better understanding of how they see and interact with the world around them, you build a deeper connection and a loyal guest.


What are their daily habits? By knowing what their morning and night rituals are, the more you can anticipate and provide them with the services to enhance those experiences.



By Brooke Cade