Hospital Impact – Sow the seeds of empathy to improve patient experience

What do organizations do with the takers and matchers who remain after promoting givers? Leading edge researchand years (decades even) of evidence show the seeds of empathy can be cultivated. Organizations can develop the empathic capacity of takers and matchers.


Specifically, as Ford’s thinking suggests, help improve communication, increase the frequency and quality of the human connections between caregivers and patients and foster the ability of caregivers “to see through the eyes of others.”


Programs like Massachusetts General’s Empathy and Relational Science Program, University of Rochester Medical Center’s Mindful Practice Curriculum and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Patient and Family Centered Care Methodology and Practice are only a few of the excellent resources available to help improve caregiver empathy, presence and the ability to “see through the eyes of others.”


by Doug Della Pietra