Hope for The Empathic Civilization

Feeling discouraged about the racism, hate-mongering, xenophobia, and bullying that appear to be dominating the national conversation this election cycle? A friend, who knew that I would be, sent me this wonderful little animation this morning. I am sharing it to encourage hope — and action.

The film, The Coming Birth of The Empathic Civilization Will Be One of The Greatest Moments in Human History, is created by RSAnimate to animate a 2010 speech by Jeremy Rifkin. The speech was based on his 2009 book, The Empathic Civilization. The encouraging message from the film is that we have the biological and technical capacity to become an empathic civilization…



The question is how. This is no small endeavor (as we can see in the headlines on any given day), but what a life-affirming project to pursue.


If you are motivated for this kind of change, one place where you can go to examine the possibilities is the website, The Culture of Empathy. There, Edwin Rutsch has curated a collection of ideas and conversations on the subject from a wide range of scholars and practitioners. 


Maybe this wealth of wisdom will encourage your own ideas, too. At the very least, it will encourage hope.


by Dorothy J. Della Noce