Henry F. De Sio, Jr., Addresses International Symposium on “Why Empathy Is As Important as Reading and Math”

Henry was introduced to this distinguished group as a “prominent advocate of empathy in transformational change.”

His address, entitled “New Literacy and the Changemaker Generation: Why Empathy Is As Important as Reading and Math” discusses how the “changemaker effect” is accelerating the transition to a world characterized by rapid change, which is the polar opposite of the world of repetition that society has long known.

He notes that social entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to help facilitate societal understanding of the learning needs of young people where changemaking is the norm.  In this rapidly changing world it is essential that every child master empathy and teens must have the requisite skills of cognitive empathy based ethics, work in teams of teams, (a different kind of teamwork), new leadership and changemaking.


Why Empathy is as Important as Reading and Math

by Henry De Sio,

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public