Have No Pity. Use Your Empathy And Show Compassion Instead

Do you offer help packed in Pity, Empathy or Compassion? Find out the subtle differences between these 3 words and use them wisely.

Why I Think Pity Should Be Avoided

  • You mingle so much with the other’s distress that You start crying or feeling as bad as they are. Thus You will not be able to help in any way, because You will be as troubled as they are.
  • When you feel sad or disappointed you are putting a label on what happened to them. And you turn into an almighty judge that states that thing as “terrible”, “horrible”, “outrageous” or whatever other “negative” words. You never know the bigger picture and how things will turn out eventually. I am not saying to agree with bad behaviour or harmful situations, but just to stop adding negativity to it.

by Raluca