Great Expectations and the ‘Act of Understanding’

In a world where we tend to think of business in terms of the bottom line and financial metrics, a discussion on the role of empathy can seem at best a soft-issue, and at worst, downright absurd.


Instead, the importance of plugging into and reflecting consumer sentiment, and the value of bringing levels of emotional intelligence and empathy into the business world is something that is bringing far greater worth. Empathy is essential to providing better customer experiences. If you understand your customers, you’ll be well equipped to give them exactly what they need. Indeed, there is growing evidence that organisations that have happy employees, strong organisational health, empathetic leaders, and a social mission, outperform their peers.


The notion of ’empathy as a social currency’ is something which is gaining increasing prominence in the business world. In the book Humanize, Grant & Notter make the point that empathy is a currency that should be deployed in order to serve internal and external customers.


by Rose Schreiber – Consultant and professional generalist