Game Builds Student Empathy: Teaching healthy habits of the mind through gaming

“I said that it was a challenge to game manufactures to develop games to cultivate compassion and kindness rather than games that promote aggression and violence.” Dr. Richard Davidson (University of Wisconsin–Madison)


The team is developing two kinds of games. One is to cultivate attention and the other to cultivate empathy, kindness, and pro-social behavior. Davidson said that ¬attention is a building block for learning. “If you can learn to focus your attention more skillfully and concentrate, that will have ripple effects on all kinds of learning,” he said.


Being successful in life may be achieved by being emotionally intelligent and thinking of others, according to Davidson. “Empathy,” said Davidson, who places empathy as a core part of emotional intelligence, “is actually a better predictor of life success than cognitive intelligence.


By Kelly Ni