Funny Face Empathy – YouTube

Fred Astaire: What is empathicalism?


Audrey Hepburn: The most sensible approach to true understanding and piece of mind.


Fred Astaire: Sounds great, but what is it?


Audrey Hepburn:  It’s based on empathy. do you know what the word empathy means?


Fred Astaire:  No, I’ll have to have the beginners course on that one. Empathy, ahh, is that something like sympathy?


Audrey Hepburn: It goes beyond sympathy. Sympathy is to understand what someone feels. Empathy is to project your imagination so you actually feel what the other person is feeling. You put yourself in the other persons place. Do I make myself clear?


Fred Astaire  Kisses Audrey Hepburn:


Audrey Hepburn: Why did you do that?


Fred Astaire: Empathy, I put myself in your place and I thought you wanted to be kissed.


Audrey Hepburn: I’m afraid you put yourself in the wrong place. I have no desire to be kissed. By you or anyone else.


Fred Astaire: Don’t be silly, everyone wants to be kissed, even philosophers.