From the Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy –

The one skill lacking in the psychopathic Matrix is empathy. The psychopath is devoid of the capacity to empathise,  except for the ability to hone in on a victims weaknesses and vulnerabilities (cold empathy) for the purpose of exploiting them.

The psychopathic entity is unable to feel, comprehend or respond appropriately to the emotions and feelings of others. To him, people( or animals) are simply cardboard cut outs, caricatures, a means to an end, objects to use and discard.

Empathy then, may be described as the ability to feel and experience the emotions and experience the predicament of others (the ability to put oneself in someone elses shoes) and respond appropriately. This emotional connectivity is the precursor to kindness, respect, selflessness, service, compassion, solidarity, dignity and all the other myriad of qualities and actions that makes us human, without which we simply revert to the law of the jungle, becoming prey and predator, hunter and hunted in a primal instinctive cycle of fear and survival….

The most pressing and inspiring mission which beckons to  all awakened and sentient beings on the planet today is the building of a culture of Empathy.  Its very existence will eventually render the psychopathic matrix obsolete.