From The Classroom To The Big Wide World, Empathy Matters

Bill Drayton, the C.E.O. and Founder of Ashoka, sees empathy as fundamental to creating a world of changemakers – where citizens lead the solutions our society needs. According to Drayton, our challenging world requires a whole new set of skills: people “must master empathy, teamwork, the new leadership, and changemaking first. Only then will they be able to put their knowledge to work. The most important of these skills is empathy. It is the foundation for everything else.  


If, as Drayton says, empathy is a skill that must be learned, why not bring empathy to the classroom?


Mary Gordon is an Ashoka Fellow whose organization, Roots of Empathy, seized upon a unique insight: babies promote a caring response in human beings. 


” by Sara Potler LaHayne and Jess Feingold.