From tantrums to teams: what toddlers can teach us about empathy in business

 by Lisa Barber 

This ‘Reflective Listening’ (or Empathic Listening as it is sometimes called) has been a invaluable addition to my parenting toolkit and the approach works remarkably well with grown-ups and businesses too.

Far more than having a sympathetic ear, it’s about learning a specific way to respond to what you are seeing, hearing and sensing.

Because it comes from a non-judgmental position of respect, it builds trust and encourages open communication.

The 6 reasons why putting empathy on the menu will grow your business

  • Customers feel safe. People don’t buy from you or hire you if they don’t feel safe with you or your brand. When people know you ‘get’ them they will feel safe around you. They’ll trust the brand.
  • You’ll produce better results. When people feel safe and understood they relax and will communicate openly and honestly with you. As a result, you’ll be able to tailor your offering accordingly and produce better results. They’ll recommend you to more people…