From Mine to Ours: Nurturing Empathy in Children

Studies show children are born equipped to be empathic, but these skills take time and practice to develop.


Empathic children are aware of their own feelings and individuality; are able to relate to common feelings while also distinguishing their own emotions from the feelings of others; can imagine how others might feel in a given situation and respond in a way they imagine might be comforting to that person….


An Empathy Timeline

Some studies suggest that the development of empathy has its roots in infancy, though it takes many years for this skill to mature. Babies as young as 6 months old begin using social referencing, looking to the reactions of a parent or caretaker to gauge the safety of a situation or new person. Research suggests that children as young as 14 months offer to help an adult who is struggling to reach something….


Strategies for Raising Empathic Children


by David Sack, M.D.