Freedom, Liberation and Reaction: Lessons in Psychology: The Parameters of Empathy

A theory neutral and pre-empirical formulation of empathy as empathic action is presented as a basic feature of shared social practice, a core social competence, always more or less present if a person is to adequately engage with others.

empathy as empathic action is presented

The conceptual tools of Paradigm Case Formulation and Parametric Analysis are employed to clarify the “more or less” quality of empathy and to provide a format to map agreement and disagreement on meanings. The paradigm case is described as the communication of the recognition of the significance of another person’s ongoing intentional actions and emotional states in a manner that the other person can tolerate.

The parametric analysis involves the parameters of Wants, Knows, Knows-How, Significance, Performance, Achievement, Identity and Personal Characteristics.  

Wynn Schwartz