Discover How to Build Exceptional Personal and Professional Connections

Book now and and secure your seat to learn about Nonviolent Communication, the ground breaking method now used across the globe to build mutual understanding and meet our uniquely human needs.

Connect with Yourself and Others more Deeply

Listen/Speak in Ways More Likely to Support Your Needs Getting Met

Express Gratitude and Appreciation more Effectively 

Develop Emphatic Skills that Work

Better Facilitate Conflict so Everyone's Needs Get Met

What to Expect

Restorative Communication workshops are delivered with 'adult learning' in mind. There will be lots of opportunities for interaction, practice and questions. 

Interactive activities, individualized goal setting, and respect for the amount of participation you are comfortable with are standard. 

Your trainers are qualified adult educators with thousands of hours experience both as adult educators and with this material.

There will be light catering for morning and afternoon tea. You are encouraged to bring your own lunch, or visit one of the nearby shops.

No prior knowledge of Nonviolent Communication is necessary, however 'Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life', can be viewed online here. Reading the first chapter, starting at page 20 will give you a head start. 


Very helpful! Allowed me to resolve issues that have been around for 2 years. Extremely enlightening and inspiring.



Provided an insight between needs and feelings brilliantly. I felt very connected and comfortable at this training. Provided such food for thought in how I can improve my communication skills. Thanks!



Easy to understand. The content was delivered in plain English and it was ‘FUN’



This was most helpful and a concept that I had not herd of before. The presentation was very satisfying, with time to discuss various situations as they came up.



Very helpful as a tool for self-reflecting, identifying my own needs and differentiating them from feelings, and fake feelings.



Extremely helpful – Good Pace – Thorough explanations of concepts. An excellent and compassionate trainer. An atmosphere of safety and trust was created.


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