Forget the peace talks. It’s time to rewire brains | The Jewish Chronicle

For nearly 70 years, politicians, diplomats, grassroots activists and militants have tried and failed to resolve the Israel-Palestine crisis.

Perhaps scientists should be given a chance – although they might want to work on the titles of their conferences:
“Empathy Neuroscience: Translational Relevance for Conflict Resolution” was held this week at the British Academy in London.

The gathering, the brainchild of Cambridge professor Simon Baron-Cohen, was about stripping down the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians to the cellular level. Literally.
Attendees shared findings about the specific areas of the brain that respond empathically and the chemicals they secrete. The hope was that the science might provide some insights into creating what is still lacking between the two peoples: an empathic understanding of the “other” side that would allow for a lasting peace settlement.