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Theory of Mind: 
Understanding others’ knowledge and beliefs. Baron-Cohen (1995) coined the term “Mindblindness” to Characterize the difficulty that people with autism have with reading the mental states of others: thoughts, feeling…


The ability to see points of view other than one’s own. (Moreau)

Researcher Gordon Moskowitz of Lehigh University says: “We must be able to stand in the shoes of others, see the world through their eyes, empathize with what they are feeling…


Empathy is the ability of human beings to identify with and personally relate to the emotions (feelings) and mental states (thoughts) of another. This sharing of feelings and thoughts is often independent from discussing them with the other person.

Anothers’ experience, with its feelings and thoughts, is mentally shared as if it were one’s own experience. (Moreau) 

If we ask, ‘what are the characteristics of a capable, successful learner?’, one view that is gaining increasing currency among educators is the notion that successful learners are knowledgeable, self-determined, strategic, and empathetic* (Jones 1990).