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What Is Restorative Communication?

Restorative Communication is a training organisation committed to promoting social change through Non Violent Communication.



What Is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication is a communication technology developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg, a professor of psychology. Dr Rosenberg, who worked closely with some of the most revolutionary psychologists of our time (including Dr Carl Rodgers, the father of modern psychotherapy), found that he was able to get results with his patients in a fraction of the time traditional therapies used.

Nonviolent Communication is a set of techniques that transforms your ability to relate to yourself and others. In a world that seems to disengage us from ourselves and our fellow humans, NVC offers us something unique.

What Are Restorative Systems?

Compassionate Communication and Restorative Circles acknowledge that any group of people living or working in community are deeply interdependent. The strength, resilience and sustainability of the group is therefore dependent on each member. Compassionate Communication connects individuals to their own needs and groups to their individual community members needs.

Our work with Compassionate Communication is based on the work of Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg CNVC and Dominic Barter and acknowledge the ancient traditions of many indigenous peoples.

While Restorative Circles can be described as a restorative or alternative justice system, we hold it to be much more than that. It’s a self sustaining system that enables groups to have conflict, embrace it such that they are better off for having had the conflict. It is significant for its effectiveness in resolving conflict but more so for its long term effect on groups, who quickly learn and grow rather than waste energy avoiding or prolonging conflict.

What can Restorative Communication do for you?

  • Provide workshops targeting key Restorative Communications skill sets
  • Facilitate a network of like-minded people
  • Provide a freely available information resource
  • Provide freely available tools for your personal development of Restorative Communication or NVC skills