Extreme Empathy: Taking Empathy to the Next Level

Dian Killian

Edwin Rutsch’s insight:

When working with groups and organizations, I often talk about NVC practices that I find highly effective and also consistent with developments in positive psychology, including engaging others and increasing accountability through intrinsic motivation (shared values and what we want to do, rather than have to do), noticing the visceral response of our bodies and what brings us the most joy and makes us most come to life, gratitude as a powerful way to re-energize and to reinforce behaviors,  and rather than criticizing, blaming, or demanding, focusing on understanding and empathic connection.

I continue to be amazed how empathy in itself— just being with what is–is transformative…

Empathy Practice

A) For fun and to practice your NVC skills, choose an object in your house—for example, maybe a pot in your kitchen. What gratitude might you have for the pot (appreciation and needs met)?


Dian Killian