Exploring Empathy – The Feast on Good Dinner

Exploring Empathy

The world’s a tough place, but we’re all in it together. This month we’re exploring the power — and challenge — of empathy, by asking how we can embrace this emotion in our work to change the world.

We’ve made a lot of progress getting along with each other, but there’s still lots to do. Even as technology connects us, we’re retreating more and more into our own silos of opinion and beliefs. And as we all know, a house divided does not stand.

An exercise in empathy

During the Winter term, I went to a feast event in Toronto on empathy which was hosted by ThoughtWorker @melgorka. At the event, we talked about empathy and how it important it is in the tech industry and others. The most memorable exercise involved listing the bad qualities of people you despise and reasoning about them.