Episode 24: Paul Bloom and the Perils of Empathy

Paul Bloom joins us in the second segment for a lively discussion about the value of  empathy as a guide our moral decisions.


 And in our first scoop, we talk about Paul’s new book (coming in November) Just Babies: The Origin of Good and Evil ,  racist babies, and how 80s sitcoms changed the world.  In the first segment, Dave and Tamler face the music and try to respond to a listener’s criticisms of their episode on slurs and offensiveness (Episode 22) .  


  • The Baby in the Well: The Case Against Empathy by Paul Bloom [newyorker.com] 
  • Descartes’ Baby  by Paul Bloom [amazon.com]
  • Jesse Prinz “Is empathy necessary for morality” [subcortex.com] 
  • Pizarro, Bloom, and Detweiler-Bedell on the empathy, disgust, and the moral circle [peezer.net] 
  • Pre-order Just babies: The origins of good and evil by Paul Bloom [amazon.com]
  • Louis CK: My Life is Really Evil.