Enriching Our Lives With Empathy

How does empathy enrich our lives? 

We feel peace and happiness in our own lives when we have helped others evolve to greater peace. In our relationships, we feel an expanded sense of spaciousness when we treat each other with compassion. When we are non-judgmental towards others, we are able to focus on their needs.

Empathy towards others is the heightened sense of awareness, partial identification with the feelings of another, and insight into his/her life that lead to their present condition.

Through the eyes and heart of empathy, we begin to gain entrance into the other person’s perspectives, values, beliefs, feelings and actions. We may not agree with their attitudes or like their actions, but we can at least glimpse into what life must be like, when seen and felt from their perspective

by Hyder Zahed 

image http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Cassatt