EmpathyWorks blog has now reached 25,000 views! by Michael Goldstein

Focuses on the value and impact of empathy and related skills, particularly in health care settings. Topics will include clinician-patient communication, patient-centered care, patient activation, health behavior change and clincian-patient relationships.

My 79 posts on EmpathyWorks have covered a range of topics that reflect my interest in the role of relationship-building in health care and the impacts of empathy, compassion and patient engagement on patient experience and health outcomes.

Some posts have shared new research findings on the value of clinician empathy or have featured the wisdom of  Carl Rogers, Jodi Halpern, Brené Brown, Bernie Lown, Jessie Gruman, and many others who have made empathy, compassion or patient engagement a focus of their professional careers. 

Other EmpathyWorks posts have featured the experience of people, like myself, who are coping with the challenges of living with a chronic condition.