Empathy is the ability to look at a situation from another point of view. It is the basis of caring relationships and allows us to connect and understand those who may be different from ourselves.

Empathy is an integral part of education, and should be a schooling goal for future students. This site has been created to support educators build classrooms where empathy is the underlying foundation of their students’ interactions, as well as a goal of their education.

This website contains:

  • A Definition of Empathy
  • A discussion of empathy as a skill necessary to the Conceptual Age as described by Daniel Pink in his book A Whole New Mind. 
  • Reasons that empathy should be incorporated into the classroom and integrated into the goal of schooling for our students.
  • Empathy Lesson Plans and Activities 
  • A News Feed with current empathy and education news feeds.
  • A Discussion Forum where users can share their experiences with empathy or lesson plans.
  • Web links and Empathy Resources.
  • There is also a Reference Page with a list of the sources for the informati