Empathy workshop

Intended for: Students, junior managers and senior managers – people who need to communicate effectively, especially in situations in which there is a lot at stake

Contents: Workshop plan including warm-up exercise and 4 group exercises with a focus on what empathy actually means and how we can empathise more effectively. PowerPoint slides, trainers tips, further activities and further resources for both trainer and learner are included.


By the end of this roughly two-hour session your learners should be able to develop their skills in:

  • Understanding more clearly what empathy actually means
  • Understanding the physical and evolutionary basis of empathy
  • Critically evaluating their own current ability to empathise
  • Focusing on another person’s thoughts and feelings (i.e. empathise)
  • Being aware of what it feels like to empathise
  • Letting go of anything that might distract them for being empathic
  • Resisting the temptation to speak when inappropriate
  • Critically evaluating another’s person’s ability to empathise
  • Handling an external evaluation (of their ability to empathise) in an aware and responsible way
  • Empathising more effectively in their everyday lives