Empathy: Why Some Work Groups Thrive While Others Falter 

Empathy turned out to be the most important of the five attributes.

“Frankly, when empathy kept coming up in our research, I was surprised,” Dr. Wilson wrote. “All of the people we interviewed were serious business executives. Empathy was not the first virtue I associated with the rough and tumble of today’s highly competitive business world. I expected to hear about boldness, perseverance, and toughness…


“The paradox, of course, is that Google’s intense data collection and number crunching have led it to the same conclusions that good managers have always known. In the best teams, members listen to one another and show sensitivity to feelings and needs.”


the best performing groups exhibited three key characteristics: Higher empathy. Members scored higher in social sensitivity. That is, the ability to read each other’s emotional states as measured by the Reading the Mind in the Eyes test