Empathy Trainers Salon #2: Experienced Trainers share their experiences, insights, methods for teaching empathy.

Empathy Trainers Salon #2 
Experienced Empathy Trainers share their experiences, insights, methods, etc. for teaching empathy. This is to build momentum for launching and building the Empathy Training and Curriculum Wiki project.

Edwin Rutsch
Director of the Center For Building a Culture of Empathy. Leading the empathy training and curriculum project.

Nelle Moffett 

Nelle co-authored Empathy in Conflict Intervention: The Key to Successful NVC Mediation. This book brings together theories from psychology, conflict resolution, and sociology to explore the effectiveness of empathy in mediation.

Rick Bowers 
Rev. Rick Bowers, M.A., spent twenty-six years with Hewlett-Packard Company, primarily in Research and Development. Rick holds several patents for software products that he developed. In 2007 he retired from Hewlett-Packard to obtain a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Engagement at Antioch University Midwest.

Antonio Skruggs
I’m former Major League Outfielder & ‘Excellence Off The Field’ Author, Tony Scruggs (‪#‎TheEmpathyGuy‬) …my Psychology degree is from Ucla, my Empathy training includes time in India with the Gandhi family and once upon a time I played MLB for the President of the United States.

Rosa Zubizarreta
Trainer in many modes and processes for training empathy including Focusing and Dynamic Facilitation.