Empathy: the Key to Successful Startup Communities

Empathy and a true understanding of the other is critical to building flourishing startup communities.


Empathy is often looked down upon in the business world because it is seen as antithetical to the modern day corporate environment (competitive, cutthroat, ladder to the top, etc.). However, it is one of the most important values that an organization can adopt and promote as part of its company culture. Empathy at its basest form is that ability to connect with and relate to others. This means we have to adopt a stance that goes beyond just seeing and hearing what goes on around us and truly seek to understand the logical and emotional reasoning of the people around us.


The notion of empathy being critical to business is not new; Ashoka has deemed empathy as the force that drives business; Forbes called empathy invaluable to business; and the Guardian deemed it the last big business taboo that needs to be overcome.

by Ryan Smith