Empathy Tent > UC Berkeley > First Tent Setup – April 15, 2013

Empathy Tent @ UC Berkeley Sproul Plaza
We are beginning a new project to set up the Empathy Tent at UC Berkeley Sproul Plaza with the The Conscious Network.

Please join us today, Tuesday April 23rd, for our Space on Sproul event, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Look for the big white empathy canopy and a group of people having a great time.

We’ll have dialogue, music, art, empathic listening, dancing, frisbee, soccer, good company, yoga, meditation, singing, and more. Feel free to stop by at any time, and bring a musical instrument, or an activity, or just bring yourself.

This is a chance to take a break from our daily stress and be together, to remember what’s important and to co-create a space for creativity and love and community.

We hope to see you all there!!!