Empathy Teams Forming: Design Kit: Human-Centered Design by Acumen/IDEO

New Design Kit Course: Online ‘Empathy Team’ Forming

There is a new IDEO-Acumen Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design starting this week.  This is a 7 week course that starts Feb 16th. 

I’m putting together an online facilitated ‘Empathy Team’ to take the course.  We will use google hangouts and the Mural design platform to meet and work online. (I did the course last fall and facilitated three empathy teams!)

Human-centered design starts with empathy, so our unique design challenge is 
How might we create tools and processes that foster empathy? 
We will do a deep dive into the empathy mindset!

We are looking for 4 to 6 very committed team members with an interest in empathy and design.
If interested follow the link below. It will guide you through the steps to join the team. Also email me directly.

Here are the Links to take part in the 
Design Kit Course: Online ‘Empathy Team’ Forming

Fill out your time availability here.

Email me to join the facilitated team. 

Edwin Rutsch
Center for Building a Culture of Empathy