Empathy Stretching: It’s all about helping our children experience switching places and seeing and feeling from another side

Sadly, parents are not as intentional about elevating empathy in their child-rearing efforts. Academic achievement seems to be at the top of our radars these days. That’s why I’m passionate about nurturing empathy and why I get so energized when teachers share ways to weave social-emotinonal learning into their curriculums. Barbara Gruener is one of those teachers-and she’s a marvel to our profession. Barbara is a gifted school counselor and character coach at a National School of Character in Friendswood, Texas.


Here’s the post from Barbara, a fabulous teacher at a National School of Character School, and one strategy she uses to nurture empathy.  There are dozens of possibilities – the key is to look for those intentional moments to weave empathy stretching into your classroom day. Thanks Barbara! I’m proud to know you!