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Empathy – Sarah Woods

Monday 10th June, 2013 “I believe that empathy is a feeling of understanding, a feeling for others, It’s a beginning of a relationship”. Marzena Forristal As part of the creation of THE EMPATHY ROADSHOW, I’ve been doing filmed interviews with people for whom empathy is a key part of their daily lives. I ask them much the same things as I asked Christian Keysers, the neuroscientist. My first interview was with Marzena Forristal, a hairdresser in South London who runs WINK HAIR SALON. I asked her to define empathy and she talked about it as the ‘beginning of a relationship’. This is exactly what Christian said to me. 

Our empathy commission is in association with Kent County Council.

The commission:

We are interested in how the arts have the potential to spark emotions such as concern, compassion and sympathy, enabling a better understanding of others and looking at things from a different perspective.