Empathy Movement Newsletter: New International Empathy Trainers Association Forming

Dear Supporters.

In previous newsletters I mentioned we are focusing on developing a public free online empathy training curriculum this year. It is certainly needed considering the current political situation in the USA and around the world. For example, see the articles below about how to address the Trump candidacy with empathy and not demeaning confrontation and violence.

As part of that training initiative, we are launching the International Empathy Trainers Association as a way to bring trainers together for mutual support, promotion, lobbying and advocacyThe association will also be a place WHERE people can come to find empathy trainers for their personal and organizational needs


To join and help build this newly forming association, connect at;

  1. Google Group Email Discussions List
  2. Facebook Discussion Group 
  3. Empathy Trainers Association Website
  4. Facebook Event
  5. First Co-Design Meeting. May 28


Edwin Rutsch
Center for Building a Culture of Empathy