Empathy is the antidote to bullying

Bullying is fast becoming the celebrity cause du jour. …  Building an anti-bully, on the other hand, means fostering empathy and compassion among young children, to also increase the likelihood that they will stand up to bullies or stand up for those who are being bullied.


Empathetic kids are able to take the perspective of someone else. Children who lack empathy can turn into hard­ened, apathetic adults, people who don’t care about others, only them­selves. When they encounter someone in need, they look away.


So what can parents do? We called on experts such as Dan Kindlon, Mary Gordon and Barbara Coloroso while researching our book The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Kids Who Care And Contribute. They gave us advice for raising an empathetic, anti-bullying kid.


by Craig & Marc Kielburger