Empathy Is Essential to Humanity

However, I believe the most constructive approach to dealing with these types of tragedies is to show empathy for the other side and ask empathy from them.

Empathy cannot be demanded without also being shown. It always must be a two-way street. I understand that its hard for Israelis and Palestinians to show empathy in this existential conflict. There are a number of reasons why people want to suppress empathy in order to brace themselves for pain and loss on the other side. Despite the reasons why human beings suppress their fellow feeling empathy is required to keep Israelis and Palestinians humane in the context of the conflict. If you lose your empathy you lose your humanity.

We Arab-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Palestinians, Arabs and Israelis need to work together to eliminate violence and seek empathy for ourselves and others. 

Tala Haikal

image http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli%E2%80%93Palestinian_conflict