Empathy In Leadership: Its Place In The Workplace



John C. Maxwell once said, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”


However, in this modern day and age where everything revolves around “me-ism”, is there a place left for empathy in leadership?


Below are the seven benefits of empathy in organisations:

  1. Empathy helps to create a positive organisational culture based on openness and understanding.
  2. Understanding the intentions, feelings and thoughts of others help leaders become more in tuned with their team’s successes and failures.
  3. Creates authentic connection between people.
  4. Allows for true feedback and fuels objective decision-making.
  5. Without an emphatic leader, employees internalise their problems and then externalise them in inappropriate ways.
  6. Helps create an atmosphere of cooperation in any environment.
  7. Emphatic leaders are motivated to make more decisions that reflect the common good.