Empathy in Conflict Intervention: Authors Richard Bowers & Nelle Moffett interviewed by Edwin Rutsch

Nelle and I co-authored Empathy in Conflict Intervention: The Key to Successful NVC Mediation. This book brings together theories from psychology, conflict resolution, and sociology to explore the effectiveness of empathy in mediation.

From the book:
“What empathy provides for the mediator is a way to create an unbiased connection with each client without reverting to a cold aloofness that is sometimes taught in mediation training.”

“The impact of mediator empathy towards both parties may provide the support needed for successful mediation even when there is no ongoing relationship between the parties.  A better understanding of the power of empathy could lead to increased usage of empathy in mediation. This increased usage of empathy could increase perspective-taking by the parties within mediations, leading to increased connection, collaboration, or satisfaction with the mediation process for both mediators and disputants.