Empathy Gone Nature: A Paradigm Shift – THE JUSTICE PROJECT

We are thrilled to share with you The Justice Project’s Third Place Winner for our Writing Competition:


Empathy Gone Nature: A Paradigm Shift
by Johannes Kleiner


The preacher looks at her congregation. After a short pause she begins to speak, “One day all of you—this entire congregation—will be dead!” Silence. Again, “One day, everyone in this congregation will be dead!” Just what you want to hear Sunday morning. But apparently it strikes a chord with a laughing gentleman in the back. He must be crazy. People are mumbling, turning around, staring. On his way out, the pastor greets him: “Welcome! You seem to be a happy camper. The entire congregation went silent, but you just burst out laughing.” High spirited he replies, “Of course, I’m not a part of this congregation.”