Empathy Games: Empathy – iThrive

Enhancing empathic behaviors has its value in promoting social relationships and personal well-beings, as well as preventing violent and offending interpersonal behaviors5.

However, there are two realms of empathy training: prison populations receive empathy interventions to prevent them from future assaults, while the more generalizable empathy training involves daily exercises such as mindfulness interventions. Though not applicable to general readers, the criminal empathy interventions mostly involve re-exposure to victim experiences such as damage reports by victims, offense reenactments, and awareness training for the results of offence. Some of the training programs also invoke interpersonal-skill training and promote general empathy, using training paradigms like forgiveness therapy or role-taking5.

These training programs certainly share components with generalizable trainings of empathy, though the procedures and efficacies can be greatly different from training designed for everyday life environments.