Empathy for Business « ConveyUX – 2016

The saying goes, “to walk in someone’s shoes is to understand her.” What most people miss is that there is no way to walk in someone’s shoes if you don’t know what that person is thinking or feeling. Instead, you make assumptions and let those assumptions guide your behavior and decisions. Worse, you don’t realize you’re doing it, which makes assumptions pernicious.

What if you could become more skillful at recognizing and dispelling your assumptions? What if you could gather reliable understanding about how another person reasons, in order to have smoother collaboration and richer creative ideas? Cognitive empathy is about having a curious mindset, interested in understanding how another person reasons.

This workshop is not about team-building, conflict-resolution, or culture change. There is no group-sharing. It is about practical abilities that you can develop as a part of your own skillset. You’ll be cultivating abilities that can ultimately bring about a new way of collaborating within your organization.