Empathy Education | Daniel Keeran, MSW

Daniel Keeran, MSW
President, College of Mental Health Counselling, Canada
Corresponding Author: Daniel Keeran, MSW, President, College of Mental Health Counselling, Canada, Tel: 2505902882; Fax: 2505902882; E-mail: collegemhc@gmail.com
Submitted Feb 20 2016 Accepted Mar 28 2016

In this concise volume, the author describes ten practical exercises to enable the development of empathy and thereby aid the transformation of the self and the community. It is hoped the user will create ways to improve these approaches, and the vitality of the movement will be sustained.


Introduction: What Is Empathy?
Exercise One: Building Your Emotion Vocabulary
Exercise Two: Distinguishing Emotions and Thoughts
Exercise Three: Making Sentences for Empathy
Exercise Four: Role Reversal
Exercise Five: Doubling
Exercise Six: Listening with Empathy
Exercise Seven: Becoming Another Character
Exercise Eight: Understanding the Story
Exercise Nine: Imagine the Emotions of a Historical