Empathy Breaks Barriers to Real Communication, Improve Your Relationships Today With These Steps

Imagine a world in which people interacted with each other like ants or fish. Imagine a day at work like this, or in your family, aware of the surface behavior of the people around you but oblivious to their inner life while they remain unmoved by your own. That’s a world without empathy. To me, it sounds like a horror film.


Without empathy, there can be no real love, compassion, kindness, or friendship. Empathic breakdowns shake the foundation of a relationship; just recall a time you felt misunderstood – or even worse, a time when the other person could care less about understanding you.


Empathy is soothing, calming, bridge-building; when it’s present, it’s much easier to work through things. Empathy gives you lots of useful information, like what’s most important to others or what’s really bothering them. How?


by Rick Hanson

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