Empathy and Sympathy in Ethics | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. An Example and a Working Definition
  3. The Anglo-American Tradition
  4. Hume’s Many Meanings of “Sympathy”
  5. Adam Smith’s Philosophy of Sympathy
  6. Contractualism and Sympathy in Rawls
  7. Nagel’s Incomplete Version of Empathy
  8. Empathy as a Moral Criterion in Slote’s Ethics of Caring
  9. The Continental Tradition
  10. Nietzsche’s Empathy of Smell Complements His Suspicion
  11. The Challenge to Empathy of the Event of the Holocaust
  12. Ethics Against Empathy in Levinas
  13. Empathy in the Context of Psychoanalysis and Ethics
  14. A Common Root of Empathy and Ethics
  15. References and Further Reading