(Empathic Parenting)(Teaching Empathy) (Michele Borba) The Secrets to Raising a Compassionate Child: Fortunately, empathy can be taught and cultivated

Empathy is the ability to feel with another human being. And we’re getting worse at it. Parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba, Ed.D., explains how you can help your child learn to be more empathetic.


Fortunately, empathy can be taught and cultivated. But we have to put our phones down to do it. “Empathy starts with face-to-face interaction,” Dr. Borba said. Here, her top tips for helping your kid care more: 


 * Read (and talk) more…
 * Teach kindness…
 * Emphasize eye contact….
 * Share good news. …
 * Establish your family values….
 * Do as you say….


By Liz Loerke