(Empathic Parenting) The Benefits and Dangers of Highly Empathic Parenting

Highly empathic parents often think there’s something wrong with them. Other people might chide you for being too much of a worry-wart or they may even suggest that you have an anxiety problem. You might wonder why other parents are relaxed and laid-back, while you feel overwhelmed and sometimes even burned out on parenthood.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, research suggests your children are more likely to grow up both happier and healthier than other children. A new study shows that children of highly empathic parents thrive—they are psychologically and physically healthier and more balanced.


This makes sense. After all, you’ve created a world for them in which they feel loved, safe, cared for and attended to. And because you are so finely attuned to your child, you’re probably selecting the right kinds of foods, environments and experiences to suit their needs and temperament