(Empathic Parenting) Earlychildhood NEWS – How to Teach Empathy

How to Teach Empathy
Early childhood educators can promote the child’s development of empathy by using a variety of strategies during normal daily activities.

Model Caring Behaviors. One of the best ways to promote empathy is to model empathetic caring. Talk about your feelings for others and how you share their joys, sorrows, pain, or delights. Tell children when you are excited for them or when you feel sorry that they are unhappy.


Name Emotions. Help children give names to their emotions. Most preschoolers can use the terms happy and sad, but are at a loss to describe their emotions precisely. Introduce feeling words such as lonely, frustrated, frightened, joyful, shocked, proud, discouraged, hopeful, unwanted, contented, anxious, or delighted as you read about story characters or simply live through daily events.


Interpret Emotions….

Role Play Helpful Behavior…

Be Supportive….


Sandra Crosser, Ph.D.,